What is Conflict Coaching?

Probably you are already knowledgeable about what coaches do? They can provide direct and usable suggestions on planning your life or work situation.  But what happens if now you are stuck in a personal conflict that prevents you from managing your choices and planning your life?  That is exactly the moment you need a conflict coach!

I focus on coaching people going through difficult, even painful experiences of interpersonal conflict: perhaps women and men at the peak of their professional lives, who can understand the basic dynamics of their difficult interactions either they be at work and home, and learn strategies to manage them with inner strength and compassion.

This conflict coach is prepared to help you navigate the most frustrating situations in your life using her lifetime experience as a clinical family therapist, mediator, conflict management expert and organizational consultant.

If your usual style of conflict management is either denial or avoidance, it’s time to learn how to approach differences with skills and learn how to process the inevitable confrontations between people who work and live together.

Resolving frequent work confrontations:

Finding a way to rescue a lost situation: where long term enemies need to be part of an important project, and you are the leader.

Crucial confrontations: when you need to confront someone about broken promises or missed commitments, and are unsure of how to stay focused and manage your emotions.

Negotiating from a position of less power: how to negotiate for salary, benefits, workload, responsibilities and recognition when you are unsure of your own power and value.

Resolving frequent interpersonal confrontations:

Issues with your image: how to deal with others, without mishandling your emotions and coming off as unpredictable, hostile, or inconsistent. Learn to recognize your buttons and how to control yourself when people push them.

Confronting loved ones: how to adjust the tune of respect and appreciation in your marriage, regardless of the past conflict history.

Tell us which skill you need to improve now.

Results of coaching:

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