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You know what it is to suffer and be bitterly disappointed. You know how much it costs you to recover from each frustrating episode in your relationship. Now is the time for you to make changes that  will allow you to manage your marriage better. Do this for yourself,  put yourself on the path to a better life, by claiming your FREE 30 Minutes Coaching Session, Right Now!

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Cindy L.
Baton Rouge

Consider the following acknowledgment of the positive impact that coaching can have in your life:

“Dear Nora, after our four skype calls on saturday evening,s and after reading your book “Recovering from Passive Aggression,” I feel full of tools to make a positive change in my relationship with my passive aggressive partner. It is a great relief to know that when he says something aggressive to me, or when he gives me the silent treatment, I know how to respond. I already managed to stop letting him accuse me or blame me for things I couldn’t control. Thank you so much for your wisdom. Greetings from Baton Rouge!”