Help with Emotional Abuse

Are you living your life with the burden of emotional abuse?

Living in an emotionally abusive relationships can make you doubt your own survival skills. If your spouse is using negative criticism, angry words and cruel things to speak about you, and to you, as if he is the owner of the universe with all the power to lash out at you and define who you are, you are living in an emotionally abusive marriage.

Step by step, you begin denying and forgetting your own capacity to make yourself happy and healthy. Giving in to his pressure and negative images about you shapes your mindset, and changes your perspective about who you are, about your worth as a person and of course, your life purpose. Having to choose from being emotionally diminished by him and survival is tough: you feel like you have no options, and at the same time, you can’t leave!

My friend Anne told me: “If you would have asked me if this strong self-esteem was even possible a few years ago, I would have said “No way.” I used to think that I was almost worthless and that anyone in my circle of friends or family could use this kind of treatment with me. And I would have been ready with a good excuse! I would accept any negative comment or angry attack against me as if I deserved that treatment! As if I was responsible for unleashing his attacks! Can you believe that?”

The question was: What happened in her life before now, that changed her life? How did she do it, and build her self-confidence to the point of confront emotional abuse and stopping it? And her answer was one on one coaching!

When you are abused, you can respond in two ways: being overwhelmed, victimized and sad, and suffer the whole impact; or you can remember that you have some inner resources and use them. Some people find their own strength in order to react to all kinds of abuse…! It is reassuring to know that any woman can learn how to protect herself verbally from this kind of destructive behavior. Other women prefer to have some support to tell them how to use their hidden resilience, by having a coach, while they recover their inner strength.

You’re now probably asking: “What Can I Do For Myself?”

If it becomes difficult to come up with an answer, because you are lost in your feelings of sadness, frustration and pain,  it’s time to reach out and ask for help!

Exactly at this moment, you need a support system that can provide you with a vision of what is possible for you in order to survive:

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  • Who is going to give you a strong inspiration to develop your own self-esteem?
  • Who will help you recover a sense of “self-control” to manage your life?

Let me help you start in the path to recovering your inner strength.

I found my own strength to react how to identify and react to all kinds of abuse…! It is reassuring to know I can always defend myself verbally from this kind of destructive behavior.

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