Costs of Emotional Conflict



You hear it all the time. If you’ve got a problem you can’t solve, get a professional. In other words, if you’ve got a conflict you can’t solve, you seek out a conflict coach, a mediator, a therapist, or counselor. Many of us balk at these choices because we see them as things other people do, other people who don’t know how to help themselves.

The truth is, emotional conflict (whether it’s marital conflict, conflict at work, conflict with children or family members) has impacts that none of us can ignore. If we let pride get in the way, thinking we “have everything under control,” conflict can fester and seethe, turning into something that can cost us very, very dearly. Think of it as not paying off a credit card. What happens when you keep putting your payments off? That’s right; the interest jacks up, and your bill increases.

What are some of these costs of conflict? How does leaving situations unresolved hurt us emotionally, physically, and financially? Finally, how can turning to a professional help you recover those costs and prevent them from happening again?

1. Lost Life Time
1.- Realizing that you married the wrong partner implies also taking into account the years of your life invested in this project. Beyond the learning, you need to manage the perception that you have lost several years of your life, that could have been dedicated to the pursuit of other venues of happiness. Regret, remorse or self-recrimination can appear.
2. Sub-Optimal Decision-Making Because of Stress 2.- Avoidance of important work/career decisions because they collide with your relationship; subtract some good opportunities and deserved rewards from your life.
3. Costly Alternatives To Best Living Or Working Arrangements 3.-If divorce or separation follows marital conflict, duplication of housing costs, travel costs, and other expenses.
4. Destruction Or Loss Of Valuable Connections (Risk Of Alienation Of Relatives, Friends, Co-Workers)
4.- Support network of friends and coworkers take sides and withdraw support. Opportunities disappear or are blocked because the necessary connections are lost. Emotional cost: Isolation, self-doubt, hesitance to develop new connections; fear of being hurt again. Self-esteem can diminish or disappear if people who love you are not supporting you.
5. Loss Of Personal Property

5.- Conflict forces sometimes to change locations and to dispose of personal property in a fast way, giving away or abandoning dear possessions accumulated along life.

6. Legal Costs (If Divorce)

6.-If divorcing through an adversarial procedure, going to court is going to take endless expenses difficult to estimate. Beyond financial expenses, there is all the grief of going to court and having to tell again your marital pains. Included here should be the expenses allocated to child support.

7. Stress-Related Costs:

Psychotherapy, Clinical Visits, Medical Treatments
7. Constant conflict-related stress produces psychosomatic impacts, and a general diminution of health and well-being. Being unhappy is a lot of grief; and it takes a toll in your body. Cost can include from psychotherapy to general practitioner visits to heal from compulsive eating, migraines, ulcers and other body-mind ailments.

8. Can You Think Of The Cost You Pay For Your Own Emotional Conflicts?

8. Realize that without help and support, an emotional conflict that you can’t handle efficiently will only get worse. Like a credit card you’re not paying off, the interest only gets higher and higher – you lose more and more love, support, and trust in yourself and others pursuing and staying in your toxic relationships. To get help and start your healing process today, simply contact Coach Nora!