You can manage your life with grace and style, regardless the difficulties you can have now!
You can learn from confrontations and turn them into cooperation!


• Do you feel the stress of too many simultaneous demands from people around you?
• Are you feeling harassed because there is too much conflict in your family or workplace?
• Do you feel isolated from your loved ones because of constant misunderstandings, and unable to obtain support?
• In general, do you feel that you can trust only very few of the people connected with you?
•  Have you lost your motivation to nurture and restore your relationships?
• Have you resigned yourself to be isolated from others only to protect yourself from people’s attacks?

At last, NOW, when you invest the time and the effort into strengthening your conflict skills, you will be able to manage your relationships knowing what to do, what to say and how to motivate people to support and value you.

Having a good conflict coach, you will be able to create the right environment around you, with all the deep love and connection you expect.

No more anxiety or insecurity; you will know what to do, and why, and when to say and do what.

What are the Four Key Conditions to get the most rewards from CONFLICT COACHING?

1. You have at least one goal that is best achieved through conflict coaching;
2. You are ready to get the most from coaching that teaches you how to pursue your goals and get your needs solved;
3. You are matched with a Conflict Coach who is ideal for you;
4. Your Conflict Coach has considerable experience and a strong desire to coach YOU to your best, and you have a strong desire to do whatever it takes to challenge yourself learning the skills necessary to have more happiness and joy in your life.


1. Read the coaching page to understand how coaching works;
2. Schedule your initial phone interview and  complete the application forms;
3. Choose your Goals, and begin your phone sessions;
4. Turn your life around with a new mindset, and new attitudes!


1. Watch Coach Nora in this video , ask for your 30′ Consultation to learn more and decide if coaching is for you. You can also schedule a single 1 hour coaching session to do a quick exploration of your conflict situation, receiving some immediate strategies and skills. This can serve as the platform to plan a complete set of sessions which will add transforming behaviors and new perspectives.

2. Your conflict coach will assist you to map your life or professional situation; identify your unsolved needs, identify the areas of immediate potential to develop immediate skills, and set your individual goals. This is on demand coaching, tailored to your needs and possibilities.

3. Work on the conflict map designed, by strategizing your possible answers, controlling self defeating behaviors, and setting proactive goals. Included in the mapping is the analysis of communicational strategies that can improve your personal power in any system, either family or work situations.


Why telephone coaching? Why internet web room coaching?
If you don’t live on the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area of Florida, it is impossible to do face to face coaching.

How does telephone coaching compare to face-to-face coaching?

Telephone coaching has proven over the years to be the most effective, the most efficient, the most convenient, the most fun, the most private, the most confidential, and the least costly method of coaching available. Telephone coaching costs approximately 60% less than face-to-face coaching.

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Web room coaching adds the video capability to the interaction, so you can see your coach’s face when talking to her. If this is important for you, have your computer equipped with a video camera and microphones. If you choose this method, there are no long distance phone costs for you.