Coaching Can Change your Life Fast!

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 Facing a crisis at home: your wife is tired of your “passive aggression”…

Then you need immediate help:

With Coaching, You Make The Following Changes at Home, And Fast:

  • You show your partner that this time you have a real game plan, supported by an expert coach on the passive aggression field
  • You understand exactly why you have behaved in this way; and how negative messages were sent to her
  • You get a doable step by step plan to change your previous behaviors
  • You begin to be seen as a sincere person ready to tackle marriage challenges
  • Your self-esteem improves because now you know exactly what to do
  • You even get back your wife’s support for this specific process, simply because the first results show her that you’re now on board and involved!

Do You Want To Rescue Your Marriage from Failure?

  • Discover how it’s not your choice, but your childhood programming that makes you respond with passive aggression
  • You will receive clear information about why this communication challenge is hurting trust and intimacy in your marriage
  • Once you understand the “WHY” this problem is happening, we will give you the “HOW,” a set of tools to send a new, positive message to your wife
  • You will know what to say to avoid aggravation and inspire her cooperation to solve this gap.
  • You will feel empowered, confident and forget the days when you felt “not good enough” for ever

Here’s a preview of our Four Steps System:

1. The Passive Aggressive Test:

This step is essential to identifying whether you have the basic passive aggressive traits. This is similar to an interview at a psychologist’s office, except you are doing it on your own time and pace.

2. The Book: “Stop Your Passive Aggression and Save Your Marriage”

The core of our system, this electronic book explores how passive aggression starts – and how it you can stop it. It contains practical applications and is easy to read and understand. No psychology classes or dictionaries are required! It will be your guide to understanding and changing your communication style from passive aggressive to a healthier style.

These are the highlights:

  • A frame to understand passive aggressive traits
  • New strategies to produce steady behavioral change
  • Passive aggressive examples of the men (and their happy wives!) who used this model with success

3. The “Essential Workbook to Defeat Passive Aggression”

You will be use this workbook to apply what you learned at the end of each chapter. This will give you a first hand look at how the book’s concepts apply to your day-to-day situations.

You can use the workbook to explore past experiences and see how those experiences have shaped your thoughts in the present. For this you will be guided by your coach, who will give you personalized answers to the questions and potential solutions you create in your workbook exercises.

4. Coaching Session One:

  • Self assessment of your communication style
  • The connection between your behaviors and their consequences
  • Identifying the origin of your mental models and current beliefs
  • Linking current beliefs and defenses to past experiences
  • Identifying tactics that create problems in your present situation

5. Coaching Session Two: (Optional)

  • Learn how you are applying past, old schemas to real situations
  • The right way to interact with your wife, and how this is different from your current behaviour
  • Applying these lessons to other experiences in your life (children, work)
  • Receive feedback on how to know when you are using the old, useless model and change into the new one fast

What are you waiting for? This Four Steps System has a solid, 30 days warranty to help you buy with confidence!

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Neil Warner

Creative Conflict Resolutions, Inc.

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