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Our Coaching Can Change Your Marriage And Your Life

We have developed a healing framework: ” based on 40 years of work as a therapist and as a coach, that helps you understand how you reached this point in your relationship. We can focus on evaluating the balance between your relationship and your personal development considering the issues that create conflict. If there is mismatch between the state of your personal growth and your partner’s development, then you will have to face endless confrontations.

You will discover

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WARNING: there has to be a shred of hope and good faith left…long term marital wars leave scars that are very difficult to heal.

If your age is between 35 and 50 years old, with a story of a 5-year or longer marriage stuck in resentment, silent treatment, and loneliness, you owe to yourself to have a full picture of your marriage and evaluate the odds of improving it or divorce.

I can work with any one of you two who asks for the no-cost phone session. There I can explain what to do and trace a path for working by oneself, or if possible, bringing the other person along.

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