The Top Five Relationship Builder Skills Book

The Top Five Relationship Builder Skills Book

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Here Is How You Can Re-ignite your Relationship:

If you have been struggling to understand her reactions, and why you don’t seem able to convey your own needs and feelings in a way that your relationship grows, we have developed a short and useful set of tools to enhance communication, avoid bitter disputes and clarify reciprocal needs.

“Mastering Couple Communication Skills Program”

This program has four easy steps, each one of them developed in a consecutive week, that will open a complete new perspective on how to handle your relationship.
Especially for busy people like you, sessions begins when you subscribe, and goes at your own speed!

Step 1.) Take a test to evaluate how satisfied are your emotional needs.

Step 2.) Learn effective listening skills;

Step 3.) Use framing skills to appeal to the positive side of issues;

Step 4.) Transform your relationship into an appreciation game!

Final Gift: Q & A session about your individual needs. Get your game plan ready!

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“Mastering Couple Communication Skills Program,”

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