Are you interested in SOLVING this painful challenge of having frequent confrontations at home, because your partner accuses you of using passive aggressive behaviors?

Perhaps you took the Passive Aggressive Test, and don’t know what to do with the results you got, but feel that something has to be done?

To offer you an immediate solution, we prepared this RED HOT COACHING OFFER! You have now the opportunity to have a real coaching session for a mere fraction of its real value!

What is the purpose of this 50 minutes phone coaching session? I will help you to:

  • Identify and resolve the mechanisms by which frequent conflicts happen in your marriage;
  • Get a map of the past history of both parties that now are promoting confrontation;
  • Know what choices do you have between following family scripts or connecting with your loved one from love and respect.

When you accept this special offer of a “Stop Conflicts at Home Coaching Session,” you will get these results:

1) Create a crystal clear vision for the results you want, and a map of the steps to get there;

2) Uncover hidden challenges that may sabotage your change process and get fast solutions;

3) Leave the session renewed and inspired, to finally identify and control whatever relationships challenges are threatening your marriage!

Why I’m doing this special offer? You probably know that phone coaching sessions are valued between $200-$400 dollars each on, so what gives here? Well, it’s the New Year 2015 season, and most of us have an extra time to really focus on what is important in our lives…Also, spending the past holidays with your partner has served to highlight all the painful differences between you and your spouse: it is like you both are more exposed to frustration and disappointment! This is painful, and can destroy your expectations of a happy, peaceful, and full of love New Year. And I enjoy reaching out to people in crisis situations and offer them the tools of positive change!

So, this is a special offer, for you to be accepted NOW, before the list of scheduled sessions reaches the limits we have set.  It  takes a high degree of personal involvement because I do care about giving you a real opportunity to deal with this painful issue. And I can’t have more than some 3-4 phone sessions a day, so you need to realize that, if you are ready to get relief from family challenges you have to grab this opportunity NOW.

Don’t wait, or my allotted time for the coaching sessions will be gone and you will be back to square one in the issue of your marriage unhappiness. Why wait, when you know that the problem is here (remember your test results?) and is better to deal with it sooner than later, when the damage to your marriage would be irreparable? Haven’t you and your family suffered enough?



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