Life Coaching: Results You Can Apply in 50 Minutes?


A Life Coaching Session You Should Have Now!

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Sometimes, what you miss most in life is the opportunity to bounce ideas back with someone you trust, and who can offer a fresh and innovative framing of your situation, giving you the ability to see through the issues, and so help you create a viable vision of your future..

The problem is that often you don’t know who to turn to for help. Friends and family may either misunderstand your problems, or have their own interest at stake.

So what you really need is external and impartial advice, with the technical background to support you to finally face and solve those painful issues left unattended before, reducing the stress and anguish you feel at this moment.

 A Short 50 minutes phone coaching session will help you to:

  • Identify and resolve the mechanisms by which negative behaviors happen in your marriage;
  • Get a map of the past events which taught you to use this behavior;
  • Know what choices do you have between following family scripts or connecting with your loved ones from love and respect.

When you accept this special offer of a Life Coaching Session, you will get these results:

1) Create a crystal clear vision for the results you want;

2) Uncover hidden challenges that may sabotage your change;

3) Leave the session renewed and inspired, to finally identify and control unwanted responses learned in your past!


Why Life Coaching NOW?

This is where coaching sessions can make a big impact on your life. A single, phone coaching session can help you to:

  • Identify and resolve the mechanisms by which some negative, hurtful interactions happen at home;
  • Get a map of the past events which taught you to use negative behaviors automatically;
  • Learn ways of connecting with your loved ones that bring you love and respect.

This intensive session will get you :

  1. A crystal clear vision for the results you want;
  2. The will to uncover hidden challenges that may sabotage your change;
  3. A doable map to follow and the confidence that change is at your reach!

Why you should try coaching?

Coaching is fast, direct and affordable; produces life changes almost without pain.

Is this Coaching Affordable?

If you are worried because thinking that coaching sessions are valued between 300-400 dollars each, please pay attention!

This would be the regular price if you were to get a regular life coach. But at Creative Conflict Resolutions we have our clients in mind, and we care about giving you access to all the tools we know that can produce real and necessary changes in life. We are making you a special offer, valid until the 05 March at 12hs EST or  before the list of available sessions are fully booked.

Coaching takes a high degree of personal involvement because I do care about giving you a real opportunity to deal with hard issues. And I can’t have more than some 3-4 sessions a day, so is best for you to grab this opportunity now.

Why wait, when you know that your relationship challenges are still active in your life, and the damage they cause in your self-esteem are mounting and could be irreparable? If you find that the session has not helped you at all, I’m more than happy to return your money.

Today Only 97$ (Subject to availability)

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As Always You can Count On My PERSONAL WARRANTY

If you can’t complete the scheduling for any reason, please write to:, and I’ll issue a refund.

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