Couple Communication Skills Coaching

Couple Communication Skills Coaching

less fighting,more love


“Couple Communication Skills Coaching Program”

This focused and short coaching module brings several tools to pinpoint hurtful communication styles and prevent them from causing anger, resentment and contempt. You will be provided with useful strategies to improve marital communication, reinforce positive expressions and deliver appreciation and loving support.


Sometimes our basic human needs for love, intimacy and connection are frustrated by the same person we expect satisfaction from. It’s a perverse cycle, where needs frustration get us to be unhappy, and then we escalate by being angry, contrary and sometimes violent. Constant fighting about everything is a clear signal of frustration.

Demanding, challenging and requesting that the other side ought to change first, so then we will do the behavior that has a positive impact in the relationship, is a dead end.

What we do to defend ourselves, the other side experiences as emotional abuse! And you never intended it to be abusive! Our negative emotions and knee jerk reactions force us to fight when we should try other ways to reach out to our loved one.

The truth is that we begin relationships with positive emotions (love and respect) but when conflict appears we are forced to replace them with negative ones. It’s our deep fear taking charge, together with a lack of skills about how to fight fair.

If this makes sense, here are four issues for you to consider:

  • Negative emotions (fear, mistrust, anger) are imprinted in us. This training will teach you recognize and manage them.

  • When you tame your negative perceptions, and express mostly positive ideas, you are seen as a positive, happy person by others.

  • If the way you express and frame your perceptions builds a negative interaction that scares people away, ditch it!  You will get more appreciation in return.

  • If  you build positive feelings, you have the tool to improve others’ lives.

If you identify automatic negative reactions, can stop nagging, avoid knee-jerk reactions to “defend your truth” and change your communication style NOW, you can expect that your partner will automatically react differently.  This person will want to be near you, because she will receive appreciation and positive comments more than negative ones!

There is a simple, yet effective, process to manage disputes even before they appear. And it includes helping both of you to have your needs met. End the fighting and begin the loving conversation about his and yours needs to be met!

This Program consists of a communication style test; a series of 3 interactive conference calls with both sides, and a Manual to learn communication tactics to improve love and support in your relationship.

Discover How You Can Apply the Skills And Have a Happier Relationship!

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