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The Story Behind Dr. Nora’s Work


Nora has a long experience working with distressed families and their conflicts: she was a systemic family therapist in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for twenty years before moving to Syracuse, N. Y. to pursue her Ph.D. in conflict studies.

After graduating from Syracuse University, Nora has been teaching conflict-solving strategies to different audiences: classroom teaching, group teaching, seminars in several parts of the world, family mediation training here in the USA and abroad, etc.

She now offers conflict coaching to individuals and couples, using her own coaching method that merges developmental psychology and conflict studies.

Nora is very familiar with conflict theories, with different therapy practices in family and individual therapy, but much deeper into interpersonal dynamics in marriage and relationships. She can identify what are the frustrated human needs not being covered at the present in the marital interaction, provide strategies to understand and accept each others needs and develop a plan for helping a couple to improve their communication focusing on emotional needs for love, connection and respect.

Nora applies her own method for understanding and improvement of couple and family relationships based on how the childhood origins of emotional life impact our adult love life. The main core of this approach is to look at the attachment theory, which tells us that our caretaker can treats us with security and love, with anxiety or with plain rejection, and those maternal attitudes shape our view of the world for ever.

“People trapped by their attachment-generated mindset are not free, and have no way to see reality but through the conditioning of attachment. If they were raised by an anxious mother, they learned this life lesson: “you can never trust someone completely,” and it will be natural for them to have severe difficulty in trusting the quality of their marital bond as adults. Nothing what a partner can do will offer the needed security if this early conditioning is not revealed and included in the map.

If and when people become aware of this original conditioning, generated by their childhood attachment and converted later into their mindset, they can recognize their limitations and change their lives.

If we don’t recognize our mindset as a product of our experience with our caretakers, and how much we are in the present limited by those experiences, (not chosen by us, but shaped by past attachment) we are slaves of this perspective. “

Nora believes that relationships are at the core of human experience, and the basic tool for personal development.  Research validates emotionally fulfilling relationships as the pillars of mental and physical health,

Helping clients expand their emotional mindset to try new behaviors helps them develop loving and nurturing connections. Being in successful relationships helps people to become resilient and productive.

Nora’s conflict coaching focuses on mapping early attachments; discovering the mindset produced by them, listing the non-productive behaviors emanated from this mindset, and provide clients with new strategies to try and adopt to replace old behaviors.

This method provides you with a new, fresh perspective on couple conflicts, relieves partners from guilt and accusation, and helps with:

  • Renew trust and communication
  • Get needs for love and connection met in your marriage
  • Personal empowerment to make new steps towards your life goals

How can you access Nora’s expertise? By knowing her activities

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